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Will the 7th gen Mustang look more retro or look more like a Mach-E?

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With electrification coming to the 7th generation S650 Mustang due for 2022-2023, should we expect exterior and interior design changes to be closer to the Mach-E, or will Ford keep it more retro like the S550?

This rendering shows how it could look with Mach-E design


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I hope it has more of a retro design to it. If this is one of the last ICE powered Mustangs I think it would be fitting to keep the old school styling.
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I agree and think its the safest way forward for Ford. The Mach-E's drastic departure from all other models in Fords lineup was understandable but here, any changes need to be gradual. At most I think any EV styling should be subtle.
For sure. They shocked everyone with the Mach-E and now it's time to calm everyone down with this Mustang.
This rendering just looks too “soft”
For me. Mustangs should have a more aggressive stance. Im all
About a more retro vibe
Yeah I wouldn't be opposed with Ford going with a more retro look. I do prefer keeping the Mach-E and the Mustang as separate as possible with the styling.
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