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When will the 2024 models land?

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Hey all,

I am in the upper midwest where we get snow starting around November. I am intersted in putting in an order but I am not interested in taking delivery of a rear drive sports car right before the snow starts. Any idea when it's expected people who place early orders will begin getting their cars? Is late Q2 an unreasonable expectation? My local deals tell me they don't know at this point, but Mustangs aren't high volume cars up here so I don't think a lot of them focus on the latest information.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.
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Good idea. I am thinking GT premium with automatic. I don't think any of the dealers near me in the Minneapolis area are high volume. Might have to look at surrounding states. If anyone has a recommendation, please let me know.
Be careful with that “high volume” stuff lol sometimes what happens is dealers doing supper high volume giving crazy deals you end up waiting extremely long wait times, I went through this with my f250 platinum tremor I ordered through a really high volume dealer offering 3% below invoice along with 300+ other people lol I ended up waiting 9.5 months for that truck even dropping some options I wanted meanwhile my local dealer that the best they would do was x-plan which was $2500 more than what I paid were getting their orders in 3-5 months in hindsight I might have paid the extra $2500 if I knew I could’ve had the truck in less than half the time
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