In this video pro drifters Chelsea DeNofa, James Deane and Adam LZ rip pre-production 2024 S650 Ford Mustangs around the streets of long beach!
"I'm pumped to share this video with you! James Deane and I take the new Ford Mustang GT and Ecoboost performance pack out to the California Canyons for a rad day of filming content and having fun.

We can't give you a typical car review YET, but we're excited to take you along for the ride as we tackle the twists and turns of the canyons, taking in the stunning views and enjoying the thrill of the ride with our better halves.

Then we head back to meet up with LZ for the Formula Drift Parade in Long Beach, where we meet up with fans, sign autographs, serve up some local pizza.

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Also be sure to check out James Deane and Adam LZ's pages."