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Very excited order the new 2024 Mustang GT Premium Performance in Yellow Splash

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At dealership on 4/25/2023 order in Splash Yellow color with space grey interior with Recaro seats GT premium with performance package every option on website says will have 486 HP. I'm very excited first time I ever built & ordered a car like this. Some will hate some will like the Beautiful Splash Yellow. But that's the reason why they give us options. I love all mustangs. This is my dream car. MSRP $63,980 with work discount $60,450. Says will take like 8 to 12 weeks. Hope not like 1 or 2 years. Thanks for the add and thank you for letting me Post. Knoxville Tennessee Area. Always looking for new cruising friends and get togethers.
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Welcome to the forum @Weasel79! Congratulations on ordering your Mustang GT! Have you owned other Mustangs before or is this the first one?
My girlfriend one time had the 1987 Ford Mustang GT Fox body but I only drove it a couple times so honestly this would be really the first time I ever owned a mustang like this but I have had other sports cars crotch rockets etc The car that I'm selling now will be the type R 2021
On April 26, I ordered mine in Rapid Red Metallic and black Recaro seats; otherwise I ordered all of the performance options as well. I'm calling mine Faux Horse since it is not quite the Dark Horse.
That's awesome I bet also very nice. I was thinking of naming mine Bumblebee Stang. Was your around the same price. Even before Mark up was like $8,000 so I do believe the route we went was a better deal. Did you get a VIN number and a built date yet. So far I fit a email that says my order went threw. Very excited about that. Order form said I was in one of the early builds save they will get me informed on the process.
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Before the X-Plan pricing, mine came to $63,920, including the destination charge. The only thing I've received from Ford thus far is the e-mail confirming the order. My dealer said it could take up to 6 months for the build and delivery, so I am not expecting the VIN or a build date any time soon. Of course, when I ordered my Mach-E GT Performance last year, I received my VIN and build date in 6 weeks (when I was expecting a year).

I struck out trying to get a Dark Horse, so I started looking at 2023 Mach 1s. When I realized I could get almost everything I wanted with a loaded 2024 GT Premium for quite a bit less than the Mach 1s I was looking at, I decided to go the 2024 GT route. Can't use X-Plan Pricing on the Mach 1s or the Dark Horses either, so I am good with my choice.

Had I gone with the Yellow Splash, I would have gotten it with the black stripe and would have called it Bumblebee.
Yes absolutely I order it with the black strip. And I order it with the midnight package. But we order the same thing our MSRP was exact same price just different colors. If you get anymore info and like a Vin number and built date of if I I can inform you on that. Thank you for your reply and your time.
You likely won’t get a production date on anything that’s a Dark Horse, has the Performance Package, or Nite Package. All are on constraint.
Ok thanks for the heads-up. So far all I know is from a email that says order went in.
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It's something like employee pricing. Where i work at they do dedicated work for Ford and they offer is the X plan offer to help us buy a new Ford. But doesn't work with any special vehicle like the dark horse or Mach 1. Usually average savings $3,500 off MSRP or some where around that
Wow! How fortunate for you. Would love to get that discount. Congrats.
Thank you. Very hard these days to even get MSRP with all dealership mark ups. Even the dark horse has over $10,000 Mark up. Which is very wrong.
Well worth that for sure. Great way to save.
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