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Software Release v.147

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Target Global Release Date: Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Summary of Changes
  • Article
    • Similar to discussions, articles will now show a list of attachments if available.
  • Marketplace
    • When creating a listing, Marketplace Forum Nodes will now be alphabetical.
    • When users' accounts are merged, Marketplace Ratings will carry over to the new target user as well.
    • Tapatalk users will now see a price in the listing title whenever available.
    • Users can now leave a rating from a listing itself (Want to Sell/Buy) as opposed to navigating to a user profile with a listing URL.
    • Want to Trade is now available as a listing option. Users can also leave a review on trade transactions.
    • Currency has been split from the original price to show it applies to both original and deal prices.
  • Featured Threads
    • Previously, setting a redirect thread ID as a featured thread would result in the site crashing. Users will now no longer be able to set a redirect thread ID as a featured thread, an error message will be seen in the admin panel when such an attempt is made.
  • Search
    • The issue where clicking the search keyword in the search bar did not perform a search query has been resolved. Now when a user clicks the search keyword, a search will be performed across the entire site.
  • Vendor Subscription Product
    • A phone number is now required for business registration.
    • Users associated with a free business should now see a notice on all pages of the forum directing them to the "Grow Your Business" page.
  • Security
    • Rate limit measures have been increased when creating threads and replies to help limit spam.
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1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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