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Software Release v.145

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Target Global Release Date: Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Summary of Changes
  • Search Overhaul [New Feature]
    • We are excited to introduce search enhancements that have been made in an effort to improve user experience! Please check out here to learn more.
  • Homepage
    • Previously, a thread would only display a thumbnail if there was an uploaded image. Now if a thread does not have an uploaded image but does have a linked image, that linked image will display as the thread thumbnail on the homepage.
    • The issue where the homepage logo appeared smaller on Safari compared to other browsers has been resolved.
  • Images
    • The issue when hovering over an image would display the image container title has been resolved.
  • Premium Membership
    • The right rail on sub-forum pages has been updated to include the Upgrade to Premium button.
  • Forum View
    • The issue where the date on a forum would break and display in 2 lines on a mobile device has been resolved.
  • Site Memory
    • A memory issue was identified on select sites. When viewing on Chrome, users would see an error message stating "SBOX FATAL MEMORY EXCEEDED". This issue has now been resolved.
  • Vendor Subscription Product
    • The issue where businesses located outside of Canada or USA were unable to register their business has been resolved.
  • Marketplace
    • The issue where the “For Trade” prefix color was not appearing correctly has been resolved.
      • For Trade listing type coming to all communities shortly.
    • An error message is displayed to users as they upload images bigger than the allotted amount (20MB). This also fixes any issues around listings not being able to be created due to extra large image sizes.
  • Search
    • Previously, if an album was moved into a different category, it could not be found through search in this category. This issue has now been resolved.
    • The issue where the number of media search results based on a keyword did not match the number of results in the admin panel has been resolved.
  • Terms of Use
    • Outdoor and Firearms sites have been updated with additional supplemental Terms of Use.
  • Quick Thread
    • The issue where the prefix and text in the message of a quick thread remained after a user posted the thread and clicked back in the browser has been resolved.
  • Recommended Reading Survey
    • Due to low engagement, the recommended reading survey has been removed across all forums.
  • Dark Mode
    • Minor enhancements have been made to thread details (ex: thread creator, posted date, etc.) so they stand out more in dark mode.
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