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Software Release v.140

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Target Global Release Date: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Summary of Changes
  • Quick Thread
    • The issue where pages would automatically scroll down to the quick thread instead of opening at the top of the page has been resolved.
    • The issue where users lose their place in a node when clicking back after reading a thread also has been resolved with the fix mentioned above.
    • When opening the parent node of a thread in a new tab, users were redirected to the parent node with the quick thread expanded. Now users will be redirected to the parent node with the quick thread collapsed.
    • To address user feedback, the quick thread input bar has been renamed from “Create Post” to “Create a Quick Thread”.
  • Marketplace
    • Various bugs within Marketplace have been resolved. This includes:
      • Thumbnail images for discussions not showing up as part of the thread overview on the Homepage (both Marketplace’s and the main Homepage of the forum)
      • Display issues in listing reactivation emails such as images and logos not appearing
      • Locations in listings being saved as blanks
    • Newly created listings will now have a default expiry date that is 365 days into the future from the date of creation.
    • All expired listings have been modified to active.
      • We will look to allow users to edit the listing status on the listing itself in future releases.
    • The “no image” placeholder has been changed to something more user friendly. This change is global and extends to the entire forum.
    • The filter for maximum mileage on a listing is now a single number. Previously it had been a range.
  • Google One Tap
    • Users will now be able to disassociate the Google account that is linked to their One Tap account registration through their Connected Accounts.
  • Mobile Node View
    • Users will now be able to see an indicator which shows how many descendent sub-forums are within a parent node.
  • Search
    • When a user completes a search based on a keyword, the title of the search results page has been updated to reflect that keyword. This is an effort to make the search process more user friendly.
  • Vendor Self-Serve
    • The issue where a NSFW business logo still showed the logo instead of the first letter of the business name has been resolved.
    • Vendors will now be able to hide their business emails from their business profiles through their business settings.
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