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Target Global Release Date: Friday, January7, 2022

Summary of Changes
  • Show Only This User Feature
    • Minor adjustments were made to the Only Show this User feature to address user feedback. This includes:
      • Change the page title to “Posts by user-name.“
      • Add the original thread title as the last breadcrumb.
      • Move the button to the bottom of the menu item.
      • If the user is already using this feature, include an option in the menu item to view the full thread again.
  • Google One Tap
    • Previously users who would ignore the One Tap pop-up in favor of manually logging in would still continue to see the pop-up even after ignoring it. This has now been resolved.
  • Signature
    • Space reserve issues within signatures such as images being cut-off or text being cut-off have been resolved.
  • Warning System (for Admins/Mods)
    • Warnings and Warning Actions have been standardized across all sites, covering the ten most common warning topics. This will promote consistency of the warnings, making Mods and Admin's lives easier.
    • After standardization, each site's warning and warning action can still be customized.
    • Existing customized warnings on sites will still remain in addition to this new standardized warning system.
  • Marketplace
    • Various bugs identified within Marketplace have been resolved. This includes:
      • Search not working in a Dedicated Marketplace Node
      • The price filter does not validate that the minimum price entered is less than the maximum price.
      • The incorrect color of the Clear All button in dark mode on Marketplace Home.
      • Uploaded images not appearing for listings created on iPhones or Safari.
      • Moderators being unable to moderate images on deals, listings, or articles.
    • Deals and listings will now display a “No Image” image if an image is not available.
    • Product, retailer, original price, and deal price are now no longer required fields to create a deal.
    • When editing a listing, the listing status has been removed to simplify this flow.
    • High-level deal information such as deal price, savings, location, expiration date, and the image will now be available on the thread preview within the deal node.
    • Users will now receive emails indicating their listing is about to expire or has expired. They will also be able to extend the expiration date of their listing or mark it as sold from the email.
    • Users will now be able to create listings in Marketplace Home.
    • Users will now be able to sort listings by location.
  • Album
    • The issue where an album cover displayed an NSFW cover even after the NSFW image within it has been marked safe has been resolved.
    • When a user clicks show content on an NSFW image, the image will now be centered like other images in the album instead of its previous left alignment after the reveal.
  • Article
    • Previous display issues that resulted from including an NSFW image in an article (ex: unformatted NSFW container, broken article preview) have been resolved.
  • Showcase
    • Minor formatting changes were made to the like reaction so it is vertically aligned with the other actions.
  • Vendor Self-Serve
    • Businesses will now see a reminder on posting rules when they try to post or reply.
    • The Vendor Member Section description has been updated to be consistent across all communities with VSS enabled.
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