Hertz and Ford/Shelby have partnered again to create a 900 horsepower Shelby GT500-H!

the GT500-H is a GT500 with a Whipple supercharge and Borla cat-back exhaust added to it.

There will also be a 450 hp GT-H that comes in both a coupe and convertible.

  • Shelby American and Hertz have joined forces again to offer two new performance rental cars based on the Ford Mustang.
  • The Shelby GT500-H takes the already-crazy 760-hp GT500 to the next level, fitting a Whipple supercharger and Borla cat-back exhaust to boost the car to over 900 horses.
  • The GT-H is based on the 450-hp Mustang GT and both convertible and coupe versions will be available to rent.
Tuner Shelby American and car-rental company Hertz first teamed up in 1966 with the Shelby GT350-H, a special performance Mustang for a program Hertz called “Rent-a-Racer.” The two companies have worked together several times since, and now are embarking on a new three-year partnership. The latest collaboration brings two new rental specials, the 2022 Mustang Shelby GT-H and 2022 Mustang Shelby GT500-H.

The GT500-H is based on the supercharged, 5.2-liter V-8-powered Shelby GT500, but instead of the stock car’s 760 horsepower, the Hertz version has been modified to churn out over 900 ponies, making it the most powerful Shelby rental car yet. To achieve this extra power, Shelby fitted a Whipple 3.8-liter supercharger, painted gold, and a Borla cat-back exhaust system. 19 of the GT500-Hs will be painted Shadow Black while six will come in Oxford White, to celebrate Shelby American’s 60th anniversary, all bearing gold racing stripes on the hood and stripes along the rocker panels. The GT500-H rides on aluminum monoblock wheels wrapped in “performance spec tires,” although Shelby didn't specify the tire model. Shelby also says it saved 30 pounds with a vented, carbon-fiber hood.

The GT-H is tamer and appears to be based on the 450-hp V-8–powered Mustang GT. The GT-H will come as a convertible or a coupe, and will be painted red, white, gray, or black. Shelby has given the GT-H a Borla cat-back exhaust and a revised grille and hood. The 20-inch aluminum wheels wear Michelin all-season tires.

The Shelby Hertz Mustangs will become available to rent this summer. The GT500-H will be found in Las Vegas, Phoenix, and four Florida locations: Tampa, Miami, Orlando, and Fort Myers. The GT-H, meanwhile, will available in Atlanta, Dallas, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix San Diego, San Francisco, and five Florida locations, adding Fort Lauderdale to the four aforementioned cities. The cars will all be completed at Shelby American’s Las Vegas assembly facility.

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