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President Joe Biden will be at the Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday

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President Biden must be excited to see the new Mustang because he's going to be at the Detroit Auto Show on Wednesday.

The White House on Tuesday afternoon confirmed that President Joe Biden will attend the North American International Auto Show, which begins next week.

In a statement, the White House said Biden will travel to Detroit next Wednesday, Sept. 14, to visit the show. No further details about when he would be there, whether he would make remarks or whether he would go anywhere else in metro Detroit were immediately available.

Last week, Biden mentioned in passing that he intended to visit the auto show when announcing economic development funds to be awarded in southeastern Michigan. Invited to visit the show by an official with a local nonprofit, he said he would be there, noting, as he has in the past, that he considers himself "a car guy."

The day of Biden's visit coincides with the auto show's media day, which is when most dignitaries and officials make an appearance at the event.

U.S. Rep. Debbie Dingell, D-Ann Arbor, who is a good friend of Biden's and the first lady, Jill Biden, invited the president to the auto show some weeks ago.
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I hope he leaks info about the Mustang like he did with the Lightning's 0-60 time :ROFLMAO:
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Biden got drive the Cadillac Lyriq for a bit during his visit to the show.

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