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This one of one Shelby will be up for auction at MCACN 2022

Driving the Rare, Carroll Shelby Commissioned, Shelby EXP 500 C.S.S. “Green Hornet” Mustang for auction at Mecum Indy!-
Garner Customs & Restorations was incredibly honored to work on and prep this rare one-off Shelby Mustang (Shelby Chassis Number CSS 011) going up for sale next Saturday May 21st at the Mecum Indy Auction.
I had fun with a local Sheriff who stopped to see the Shelby during the Mecum photography shoot a few weeks ago. He absolutely loved the car and he asked a million questions about it. He was cool so I asked if he’d be game to take this photo. If he’d have seen me driving the Shelby to the shoot I might have actually gotten pulled over because this car is fast (see the short video)! The Shelby built 428 is a beast but was surprisingly smooth during normal driving. The handling is far superior to other vintage Mustangs that I have driven. I received many looks and thumbs up on the 10 mile drive to the shoot and people were stopping to look at the car in droves. After driving it and getting the car wiped down for the Mecum guy, I have to say I was getting pangs of I really would love to own this car. Sadly, it is a customer’s car and the price is way out of my comfort level, so off she goes to Mecum Indy, next Saturday. I believe it will be live on the Motor Trend broadcast of the Mecum auction but I can’t say for sure. If not, Mecum live streams the event online. Here is a previous recap for anyone who had not seen it before:
Most people know about the original Green Hornet prototype that Shelby built in collaboration with Ford Motor Co. I will include a link to the history of that car below, but in short the original Green Hornet started out as a prototype for Ford to test the market on a California Special style Mustang for the National market. Ford nixed the idea and sent the prototype back to Shelby who “Shelbyized” the car with signature Shelby front clip and rear taillights along with many other Shelby design features. The car was used as a test mule for different performance and handling technologies for potential future Shelby models. The Green Hornet went through many iterations and cutting edge upgrades. The car was thought to have been destroyed by Ford but was found in 2003 and was meticulously restored and unveiled at the prestigious Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals Show 2018 (MCACN). Since the original car was thought to have been destroyed, Carroll Shelby commissioned this car as a faithful ode to the original Green Hornet. Even though the original car had several colors applied to it, Carroll Shelby choose the Ford Highland Green paint you see here. Mr. Shelby donated the car to the Shelby Foundation who owned the car up until it sold in 2019 to raise funds for the Carroll Shelby Museum. The original Green Hornet has been valued at close to $2,000,000 and is currently not for sale. This car is chassis number 8R01C156337-CSS011 and is listed in the Shelby Registry. The restoration began life ironically as a solid original 1968 California Special Mustang, the very model that Ford contracted with Shelby to explore production of a new National model. This EXP 500 C.S.S. is a one off and there were no others made, aside from a “Black Hornet” version which followed two years later and had black paint and interior and a 4-speed. The Black Hornet sold at Mecum Kissimmee in 2020 for $390,500. Shelby did not pursue building any more of these incredible coupes. Sadly with the passing of the king in 2012 there will never again be any cars crafted to Carroll Shelby’s personal vision. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own a rare and unique piece of Shelby history.
The car is as it was built and nothing has been modified other than mechanical work and a few touch ups and rear shackles (easily removed) to avoid any issues with the oversized tires. I personally am involved with this car and the current owner and I will be representing the Shelby at the Mecum Indy Auction. I will be with the car the majority of the time Thursday, Friday and Saturday leading up to the car crossing the block on Saturday (LOT# S264).
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