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Spotted this over on sister forum for NewNissanZ.com. I'd forgotten (or maybe just never knew because I didn't like the old Z) that the last 370Z Nismo got a 100hp bump. Apparently the new one is expected to get a 150hp boost, taking up to around 500hp total.

That, along with Brembo brakes, could fix a lot of the complaints about the Z from the initial launch.

Would a monster Z tempt you out of a Mustang?


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I seriously doubt 500-hp....

Having owned 2 new 370Z nismo cars (still own one), I seriously doubt that much HP on a stock production run. 350 bhp is plenty for that car. It’s a corner-carver by design, not a drag car.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s fast, but it’s not Mustang fast.
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