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"Meanwhile, if we narrow the automotive industry's commotion to just this passing week, the seas settled slightly to give us a trio of exciting ideas. For starters, we heard the sixth generation Ford Mustang – aka S550 by its internal code – has bit the dust, and we decided to pour one out for the iteration. At the same time, we wait to see if the Blue Oval company botches another launch just like they did with the ultra-hyped, reinvented sixth-generation Ford Bronco a mere couple of years ago. If all goes according to plan, 2024 Ford Mustang production will kick off May 1, followed by first customer deliveries across the nationwide dealership network later this summer, ahead of hitting over 100 international markets. I hope we didn't just jinx it! "

Not much else in the article.

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Ford Authority is reporting its sources confirmed production began as scheduled!
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