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…reviewing this morning the actual 2024 Mustang that was revealed last evening, I am disappointed…in my opinion, they did to the current, sleek, beautiful Mustang what Chevrolet did a few years ago to the once beautiful Corvette, the resulting GT is a caricature of the current car. To quote a poster in another thread, it is change for the sake of change…the hips are Camaro-like, the front fascia is Lexus-like (although the Eco-Boost version is much more acceptable) the rear is reminiscent of a 2008 Focus sedan and appears to have been ‘jacked and filled’ as AMC did forty-plus years ago to the Hornet to offer the all-wheel-drive Concord…the current GT looks fast sitting still, the 2024, not so much…from what I saw of the new dash, again not impressed, the current instrument cluster, whether analog or digital in my opinion is much more fitting for such a car.
The fact that the GT still gets fitted with the Getrag 6-speed is a slap in the face to prospective buyers ( I acknowledge, thanks to the online community, that it has been improved ), it says that the once top-of-the-line GT is not on Ford’s radar, to many buyers it is still top-of-the-line and deserves the attention provided the rest of the Mustang lineup ranked above it.
On the plus side for the 2024 I do like the leading edge of the new hood over that of the current design, I am sure that I would also prefer the gen4 engine, but unfortunately that’s it and it is not enough to make me want to buy one over the current S550.
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