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Glad to be here and thank you for the Forum to hang out

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Dang - feels like yesterday that I was driving my 1969 Mustang Fastback to high school ('82), but one look in the mirror and it was far from yesterday!

New guy here but have already responded to a few posts and read a lot of threads.

Definitely not new to Mustangs, but the one that wants to shorten my lifespan is my current 2020 GT with a Stage II Whipple. With the A10, it's all hands on deck!! All other Mustangs have been manual, but decided I paid my dues and needed to rest the left leg for a bit.

Did wheel-to-wheel racing a Mustang for a number of years in the Camaro Mustang Challenge - won two Texas region championships (for an $8.00 trophy and bragging rights)

Glad to be here with fellow enthusiasts. Can't wait to see what the S650 has to offer, do the break-in miles and then Whipple it as well.

Looking forward to participating in discussions with this fine group.


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Posted this in another thread, but posting here (disregard if you've seen it already).

List of Mustangs owned since 1980 - not all of them pictured:
1969 Fastback High School Car
1988 LX 5.0 Vortech T-trim 1999 Bristol True Street Champion
1988 GT Black w/Red stripe
1985 Blue LX Coupe 5.0)
1992 Calypso Green LX 5.0
1993 Cobra Black
1986 GT (Race car)
1985 Coupe 4cyl->V8 converted
1989 LX 5.0 Road Race setup
2001 Cobra Black
2005 GT w/Vortech
2012 GT500 w/VMP S/C
2014 GT500 <stock>
2020 GT w/Whipple Stage II (currently in stable)
2024 DH <ordered>

Video from 20+ years ago of some of the Mustangs owned (all cars shown driven by me)

Old Mustang LX Footage

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View attachment 2172
View attachment 2173
View attachment 2169
View attachment 2168
View attachment 2170
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Automotive parking light Wheel Tire Car Land vehicle

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<plus more> View attachment 2178
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