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Gas Guzzler Tax

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Has anybody heard yes or no ? My dealer was deer in the headlights, just wondering.
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Not sure of the specific question, but that tax has been around since 1980.

The Act also created the Gas Guzzler Tax[3] which applies to the sales of vehicles with official EPA-estimated gas mileage below certain specified levels. In 1980, the tax was $200 for a fuel efficiency of 14 to 15 miles per gallon, and was increased to $1800 in 1985. In 1980, the tax was $550 for fuel efficiencies of 13 mpg and below, and was changed in 1986 to $3,850 for ratings below 12.5 mpg. The Gas Guzzler Tax applies only to passenger cars. Trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUV), and minivans are not covered because these vehicle types were not widely available in 1978 and were rarely used for non-commercial purposes. The tax is collected by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and normally paid by the manufacturer or importer. The following chart shows the current tax for various levels of MPG that have been in effect since January 1, 1991.

Unadjusted MPG (combined)Tax
at least 22.5No tax
at least 21.5, but less than 22.5$1000
at least 20.5, but less than 21.5$1300
at least 19.5, but less than 20.5$1700
at least 18.5, but less than 19.5$2100
at least 17.5, but less than 18.5$2600
at least 16.5, but less than 17.5$3000
at least 15.5, but less than 16.5$3700
at least 14.5, but less than 15.5$4500
at least 13.5, but less than 14.5$5400
at least 12.5, but less than 13.5$6400
less than 12.5$7700

Gas Guzzler Tax - EPA
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Very much appreciated, just was curious as to what was gonna show up, guess we wait until the numbers are released from FORD.
Wonder if the IRS will give a credit if I promise to keep it under 55mph lolol
See this post …
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