Ford has a patent application for a way to rev a car's engine remotely, either with a key fob or a phone app.

PDF: Ford-remote-control-revving-patent-US20220137616.pdf

The purpose of this patent is entirely to allow people to show off the sound of the car without having to be inside it. For ICE engines or hybrids, it mentions being able to start the engine, have it rev for a certain amount of time, and then return to idle, all handled remotely. You could even program a set pattern of revs, or, as it explains explicitly in several paragraphs, even program it to rev at different engine speeds to create different musical notes to form a melody.

The patent also describes a case of an electric vehicle, where it uses recorded audio sounds of engine revs to play out of the sound system. Alternatively, it could also play a turbine sound or a "flux capacitor sound" (paragraph 0043 at the top of page 13 of the pdf).
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