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This is kinda crazy and either the best thing to happen to manuals, or maybe the most frustrating, I can't tell.
Muscle Cars & Trucks unearthed a really interesting Ford patent for an automated manual that appears to have a traditional shift lever, but no clutch pedal.

Yep, you read that right.

So you get to row your own, but a computer and electronic module to safely swap the gears. If it works, I guess that would be a smart way to keep a lot of the fun of a manual without the inefficiencies and unnecessary wear-and-tear from drivers who haven't mastered clutch application, but I know for sure purists will scream.

Personally, I'm a lousy heal-and-toe drive and pretty clumsy at double-clutching, but enjoy driving a manual in everyday use, so this might be a perfect solution for me, but I still expect it will be hugely controversial if they do implement it on the new Mustang (as MC&T speculates they will)

Read the full technical explanation here:

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Wow, it’s interesting, but I would hope it to be an option. I can’t see this working on a drag-strip, and maybe not a road-track. Still, I’d like to drive one, but I’d rather have conventional choices too. I think this would be a poor fit for my needs/wants.
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