Your car deserves to be cleaner.

Or maybe not. Maybe your car is perfectly pampered. But you probably know someone who's car hasn't been properly clean since it left the factory.

Our friends at Chemical Guys are here to help with their Arsenal In Your Trunk cleaning kit, and you can win one right here!

How? Simply reply to this thread (you'll have to register an account if you don't have one already).

Share a pic of your ride, tell us what you love about the new Mustang, or confess which part of your ride could use the most detailing love and attention. We're not picky, just say Hi!

The contest runs until December 23, 2022. See the full rules and regulations attached.

And if you'd rather not wait to try your luck, you can order your own Arsenal In Your Trunk, and all the rest of the Chemical Guys cleaning products here.