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Well, I think i'm going to make this plunge.... camaro guy but I have some reasons as to why I want to jump into this 7th gen mustang... I go in on monday to place my order, I am aware the GT will officially be ordered in a few weeks but i'm putting the money down monday. Anywho, hopefully this isn't a mistake, haha. Hope to learn a lot from everyone here, I have a long way to go but definitely no shortness of passion for muscle cars.

My potential order...
GT A10 400a
Grabber Blue
Performance Package
Recaro Seats
Active Exhaust
Red Calipers
Red Seat Belts
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Welcome @DemonWorks. Nice GT spec. Did you consider the Dark Horse?

What's the resale value of your Camaro, if you checked already?
Resale on the camaro is great, It's a rare color and option package.

I am going to ask about the Dark Horse, but my understanding is the dealers are getting one. Currently I will get a discount on the GT but on a Dark Horse, I am assuming there will be a markup. If at MSRP and nobody else on the list, I will order the Dark Horse.
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