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Dealer Allocation vs Order

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Question for and Ford employees, or people with knowledge. So when I placed the order for my 2024 Mustang GT from the dealer. is my order considered a dealer allocation or is it in addition to their allocated vehicles?
The Dealer I ordered from still has 9 2023 Mustang GT's in their inventory. Will this effect their ability to receive their 2024 orders?
If I was ford I wouldn't want a dealer to have last years models sitting around with the New redesigned model coming in.
is this a non factor?
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From my understanding (someone can correct me if I'm wrong) but your order would be used in one of your dealer's allocation spots from Ford. With how long the 6th gen Mustang has been around I don't think that specifically is an issue. Sometimes higher volume dealers get more spots for certain models but again I don't think that'll be an issue when it comes to GTs.
I would love to better understand this process as well as how Ford decides what orders get built when. I placed an order for a fully loaded GT on March 27th. Received my confirmation from Ford on the 28th but it has been crickets since then. My order was submitted as a Priority 10. It appears as if those who have already received their VINs and production dates have won the Lottery. Is there some methodology that Ford uses? It sure would be nice to better understand as Fords level of communication with the customer is abysmal.
@Cobra is correct in my experience. And to answer @P.Walker questions. The ability to order 2024 cars will not be impacted by current inventory. Dealers always have an overlap of prior year models and IMO that overlap, especially when there is a new design coming, can be a golden deal. Anyone looking for 2023's should go to that dealer and negotiate hard.

Your question P.Walker about "is your order a dealer allocation or is it in addition to their allocation vehicles" is technically not the correct question. In order for the dealer to get a car, they need an allocation. It is not your car until they receive it and sell it to you. You provide a deposit that you can lose if you don't take possession, the dealer then has to sell to someone else.

Now, the better question is how many allocations does the dealer have and are they using them for themselves or for custom customer orders.

Dealer A receives 10 allocations. They could order 5 cars to sit on their lot and then they can hold 5 allocations for custom customer orders. Once those 5 custom allocations are sold and you come along, you will not be able to order a car from that dealer. On top of that, you have to know if Ford is limiting production. My opinion is that Ford will not limit GT trims but they are limiting Dark Horse trims. Since GT trims aren't limited you will always be able to go to a dealer and order a custom car if you don't like what's on their lot. If the dealer has one allocation for a Dark Horse (like my dealer) they can choose to hold it for a customer or spec it out themselves and order it to sit in the showroom for a huge mark up. You can either buy that Dark Horse or find a dealer with an open allocation to custom spec your own order.

I had a literal two hour conversation with my dealer about allocations and this is the understanding I received. This is the first car I have ordered and I wanted to understand the allocation process.
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