We have brand new photos that give a detailed look at the interior of the 7th generation Ford Mustang. It appears that Ford will be going with a more modern interior that tones down the retro look of the current Mustangs.

In the photos there's two view of the Mustang's dashboard: the real-world look at the prototype’s dash design, and a graphic representation of the new interior on the infotainment screen. It appears that the current Mustang’s retro, double-hump dashboard design is going away, in favor of a cleaner, streamlined design. The prototype’s interior screens are displaying a curious mix of English and Chinese characters, with metric units for the speedometer and HVAC controls, as the engineers continue to hone the interface for production use.

There is a new digital instrument panel that flows directly into the infotainment screen. Beveled rectangular HVAC vents replace the current Mustang's round units, and they move to the middle of the center stack. A simple row of buttons sit below the vents, with the Start/Stop button, and the large Volume/Power Dial serving as bookends. The majority of functionality appears to be handled via the infotainment screen and steering wheel controls. It appears that the new Mustang accommodates both USB-A and USB-C inputs.

A chunky, flat-bottomed steering wheel looks like it will provide an inviting grip for the hands, while ample controls flank the right and left sides of the horn. Hints of the Mustang logo can be seen beneath the black tape covering the center of the wheel. This prototype is has an automatic transmission, and its gear selector looks like a carryover from the current Mustang.

There is also a wide variety of new exterior photos, showing the nex-gen Mustang in coupe and convertible form, with single and dual exhaust set-ups, and multiple wheel designs. More front-fascia details are starting to show through the camo, with hints at some of the front-fascia and lighting details. The Mustang emblem is even visible through the front camo on what appears to be a Mustang Convertible equipped with the High Output EcoBoost configuration.

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