777 Performance has announced that they will have a GT3 body kit available for the 2024 Mustang.

This kit is absolutely wild and i can't wait for someone to put this on their car.

Introducing our all new GT3 Kit for the 2024+ Ford Mustang. This will be our new take on all projects moving forward. A new culture where homologated racing cars are refashioned for road and track with no compromise on performance. Where splitters are mounted to the chassis and not the bumper. Where aero components are first conceived in aerodynamic analysis. Where we encourage drivers to push the limits of the car and abuse our parts, that’s what they’re meant to do. We are proud to see that Ford has chosen to return to Le Mans with a Mustang rather than the GT, which is an incredible feat in its own. With that being said, while we’re all watching Le Mans next year, you can have a piece of the car sitting in your own driveway. Registered and insured. Welcome to the future of Triple Seven.

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