Another 7th gen Mustang prototype has been spotted testing but for the first time it's the 2024 Mustang Convertible with a high-performance configuration.

Uniquely Camouflaged Roof Points To Convertible
All prior S650 Mustang prototypes have had graphic-wrapped roofs with a small vinyl cap over the backlights, but this latest prototype has its roof fully covered in the heavy vinyl camouflage. The A-pillars are also vinyl-wrapped, but there’s a noticeable break where the fabric roof would separate when the top is lowered. The roof-to-window edge lacks the sharp definition of the fastback coupe, suggesting a fabric roof. Also, this prototype appears to lack the Mustang coupe’s heavily-framed B-pillar, and instead shows a more delicate glass-to-glass, pillarless design consistent with a convertible.

Wheels and Brakes Suggests High-Performance Model
The aggressive wheels on this convertible prototype are a new design, but they're very similar (in theme) to the 19-inch Magnetic-Painted Aluminum Wheels—which are only offered on the 2.3-liter High-Performance Package, or the Mach 1. Yesterday, we spotted another prototype with Mach 1-inspired wheels (a fresh take on the 19-inch Tarnished Dark-painted Aluminum Wheels from the Mach 1 Handling Package.) Interestingly, both of these prototypes showcase a high-performance braking set-up, with larger rotors, and a new dual-caliper design on the rear brakes. Whatever the fully mechanical makeup of these latest Mustangs, they are leaning more toward the proper sports car end of the spectrum.

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