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2024 Ford Mustang Remote Rev Feature Developed In Brazil

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A team of Brazilian engineers based in Ford's Development and Technology Center in Bahia are responsible for creating the Mustang's Remote Rev feature.

After ending its manufacturing operations in Brazil a few years ago, Ford has since tweaked its strategy in the South American country to transform it into a regional engineering hub that develops and exports new technology for products sold all over the world. Most recently, that list of offerings includes Remote Rev – a feature present on the all-new 2024 Ford Mustang, which was developed by a team of Brazilian engineers based out of the Ford Development and Technology Center in Bahia.

“It was an intense journey of design refinement until we reached the final version of Remote Rev,” said Daniel Blanck, Ford Systems Engineering supervisor, who coordinated the project together with engineers Rogério Souza and Fábio Peres. “We studied the drive sequences and the acceleration pattern in clinics to meet Mustang consumer expectations. And we did the final experiments and validation in the USA, together with the calibration team.”

This team took over the project back in 2021 when it was just a concept, but ran into quite a few challenges while working to make it viable for real-world use. “The V8 engine accelerating to 5,000 rpm generates a huge power and it was necessary to ensure that this is done safely for the users and systems of the vehicle, also equating the emissions,” Peres added.
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