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The current Mustang has a curb weight between 3,542 lbs (EcoSport Coupe) and 4,225 lbs (GT500) depending on which model you get.

For the 2023 Mustang I expect the curb weights to be in the same ballpark. Hopefully it's a bit less rather than getting heavier.

Ecoboost Coupe3,542 lbs
Ecoboost Convertible3,706 lbs
Ecoboost Coupe(HPP)3,542 lbs
Ecoboost Convertible(HPP)3,706 lbs
Mustang GT Coupe3,705 lbs
Mustang GT Convertible3,891 lbs
Mustang Bullitt3,850 lbs
Shelby GT3503,760 lbs
Shelby GT350-R3,662 lbs
Shelby GT5004,225 lbs
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